Voting & Proposal Platform

All community proposals and votes take place inside of this platform. This is only accessible to members via Web3.
Our members craft policy and vote on items pertaining to the LHRC token, the in-game token.
An advisory board oversees the curation and holding of votes.
This board will consist of 9 seats; 4 seats for the project developers, 2 seats to the top 2 holders amongst board applicants, and 3 seats from a community vote.
Advisory Board selection process:
Top holder seats: a 30 day window will be set for all interested holders to apply for the seat. These 2 seats will be filled with the top 2 HORSE holders from the applicant pool. 1 year term.
Community seats: a 30 day window will be set for nominations to be submitted. The top 5 nominees will then be placed to a community vote. Top 3 of community vote will earn advisory board seat. Only HORSE holders are eligible for seat. 1 year term.
Project developers will set the enrollment window and process for selecting the first board members.
The Advisory Board will act in the following way:
  • Gather community ideas and proposals regarding LHRC and future decisions to be made.
  • Analyze and discuss merit of prevalent proposals
  • Vote on proposals to put forth to community vote
  • Present findings and information to the community
All votes will be put forth with 2 proposals as selected by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board shall select proposals with a simple majority to move proposal to vote.
All community votes are a simple majority, however Founding Members (HORSE) consist of 50% of total vote weight.