Lazy Horse Race Club IRL Team

The Lazy Horse Race Club IRL Racing team is a fun way for all to be able to watch horses in real races via stream in the Clubhouse that the community shares together. The Lazy Horse Race Club will also sponsor special live race events that Founding Members can attend.
Being a member of a real horseman's club is about the thrill of winning and the comradery of sport. The average race horse earns a net profit of $5-10k per year. The Club will run 10 horses per season. The purpose of a horseman's club is to enjoy the races without the expense of boarding, training, medical. The IRL Racing team is a fun utility to the project aimed at creating a strong community that develops interpersonal relationships and inspires development.
Lazy Horse Race Club members are members of a real life horseman's club. Lazy Horse Race Club LLC was established and the transfer of horse ownership to the club has begun. After the completion of the 2nd mint, membership will be complete and both smart contracts will be recorded in the minutes to reflect membership as follows:
(Total net race team profit/10,000)*1.2 = Founding Member Share*
(Total net race team profit/10,000)*0.8 = Member Share*
*Will be distributed quarterly to members in CRO
What's a Horseman's Club?
A horseman's club is a conglomerate of individuals or groups that collectively own a race horse team. The team is managed and directed by licensed horsemen. In a typical horseman's club, there are yearly dues to be paid by members to continue operations. The average yearly due is $200 per member. Most clubs will discount the yearly due by the prior year's profits. Typically, most horseman's clubs produce a net even to +/- 3 balance.
The Lazy Horse Race Club IRL team races in the US states of KY, LA, FL, TX, IN. The Club is directed by licensed horsemen in these states.
All official documents to be posted in the VIP Clubhouse to protect confidential, member only information. Ernst & Young is the official accounting firm of Lazy Horse Race Club LLC. These accounting documents will be stored in the VIP Clubhouse.