LHRC Tokenomics

LHRC is the in-game token of the Lazy Horse Metaverse. When used in-game, the token distribution is as follows:
Property/Asset Owner 50% / 40% Community Staking Pool / 5% IP / 5% Charity
The community pool is governed by the members and can be allocated for rewards, airdrops or can be locked.
Ticker: LHRC
Total minted supply: 1,000,000,000 LHRC.
99.59% LHRC of supply is locked in token lockers:
75% (750,000,000 LHRC) of the total supply is locked for a period of 10 years. Each year over the next 10 years, 75,000,000 LHRC will be released from the locker. The Lazy Horse Race Club members will decide what to do with tokens at every unlock via the proposal and voting platform through the advisory board. This allows the community to develop LHRC economic policy as we move forward.
20% of the supply is locked and scheduled for release in a year. Same as above, community proposal and voting will decide use and economic policy through the advisory board.
The remaining portion of the locked supply (is scheduled to become unlocked Feb. 2, 2022). These tokens are allocated to the LHRC Staking Barn pool upon launch.
LHRC tokens currently outside of the token lockers are allocated as follows:
400,000 LHRC for staking pool rewards
50,000 LHRC for Founding Member Airdrop (Completed)
250,000 LHRC for full member airdrop after next mint
100,000 LHRC initial circulating liquidity
33,000 LHRC to be paired with liquidity by devs after Jan. 21st mint
Current Allocation
Amount of LHRC
% of Total Supply
10 year locker
1 year locker
30 day locker
Staking Rewards
Member Airdrops
Circulating Liquidity
All LHRC in token lockers are governed by the community via the Lazy Horse Proposal and Voting Platform.