Barn Cats

Barn Cats are a collection of 2,000 unique cats created by artist Criss Madd. Each Barn Cat is a companion to a Lazy Horse that provides faster in-game recovery to your horse. The Barn Cat collection has utility in addition to it’s use as an in-game asset. Please see the Barn Cat roadmap for future plans.
Contract Address: 0x8449821e8334d79e455223739d41eef55e36583e
Contract Royalties: 10% total
  • 5% Royalty to the artist
  • 5% Royalty to fund Equine Rescue and Rehab charity

About the Artist

Criss Madd

Barn Cat Roadmap

Q1 2022 – Barn Cats airdropped to HORSE holders
Q1 2022 – Meet the artist AMA with Criss Madd
Q1 2022 – Barn Cat NFT Staking
Q2 2022 – Special Holder Drop
Q2 2022 – Interactive Barn Cat Comic Book