Lazy Horse Metaverse

This is the in-game guide to the Lazy Horse Racing Metaverse
The Lazy Horse Metaverse is a virtual horse racing world. There are levels and roles for everyone, creating the ultimate, strategy based ecosystem.

How Lazy Horse NFT connects to the game

There are a total of 10,000 Lazy Horses - no more ever to be minted. These NFTs are needed to operate a racing team with breeding abilities inside of the metaverse.
There are 2 kinds of Lazy Horses:
  1. 1.
    Founding Member Lazy Horse (Smart contract ticker: HORSE)
  2. 2.
    Club Member Lazy Horse (Smart contract ticker: PONY)
There is one difference between Founding Member and Club Member Horses as it pertains to game play. That difference is the amount of races that can be run per horse.
  • Founding Member Lazy Horses have unlimited races.
  • Club Member Lazy Horses have a 100 race per year limit (no rollover) Additional races can be obtained via LHRC in-game upgrades.
  • Both can breed forever, but once they breed, they can't race.