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Lazy Horse Race Club Overview

The Lazy Horse Race Club is a metaverse horse racing world that connects to a real life racing team via club membership on the Cronos chain. This project is the first of it's kind
The Lazy Horse Ecosystem consists of multiple parts that contribute to our overall goals and visions. There are three main digital assets that contribute to the ecosystem; HORSE - the Lazy Horse Founding Member NFT, PONY - Lazy Horse Club Member NFT, and LHRC - the in-game token.
These assets connect in the Lazy Horse Race Club — a metaverse play to earn gaming platform that is accessible to Lazy Horse NFT owners. The LHRC token is used in game to enter stakes races, accelerate recovery and breeding times, obtain upgrades and more.
The LHRC token is the in-game token used inside of the Lazy Horse Metaverse. In addition to earning LHRC as part of the gaming environment, LHRC is set to house it’s own pools and farms to help grow the ecosystem and reward holders and liquidity providers.
What truly makes the Lazy Horse Race Club unique is it’s connection to the physical world. Each Lazy Horse NFT holder is also connected to a team of thoroughbred race horses through membership to a horseman's club operated racing team.
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